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Leaf Carving Art

Rare Species of Skeleton Leaf:   Aspen, Banana-shape, Tiny Fan Blade, Droplet-shape, Cabbage, & more ...

Rare Species of Skeleton Leaf: Money Tree, Butterfly, Elm, Ficus, Feather-like, Bauhinia, & more ...

 Dried Ferns:   Lip Fern, Silver Cloak Fern, Maidenhair Fern, Silver Back Fern, Cliff Fern,  & more ...

Oak Leaves:   Bleached, Dyed, Dried and Metallic colored

Japanese Maple Leaves & Five Lobed Red Maple Leaves, press dried

Dried Ginkgo Leaves & Maple Leaves:  Natural yellow color and Metallic colors

Four-Leaf Clovers & Lucky Charms

Four-Leaf Clover Bookmarks & Cards

Featured Dry Leaves:  Trileaf, Boehmeria Nivean & G.L. Grass

Popular Skeleton Leaves: Bodhi, Nocturnal Vine, Rubber & Heart-Shaped

Popular Skeleton Leaves:  Magnolia, Dyed and Metallic colors

Skeleton Leaf Bookmarks, Cards, Tags & Fridge Magnets

Photo on Leaf & Printbale Skeleton Leaves

Maple Leaf Paintings & other Framed Skeleton Leaves