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Natural Skeleton Leaves are perfect for crafts, scrapbooking, card making and home decorations. We offer large variety of skeleton leaves, including bodhi(Po or Pipal) leaves, rubber leaves, heart-shaped, butterfly-shaped, magnolia, ligustrum lucidum, elm leaf, and many other rare species of skeleton leaf. We provide wide choice of sizes and colors, and new products are always under development. Printable Skeleton Leaf is a kind of new printing material, with which you can create your own photo on leaf.
Dried or Pressed Leaves are now part of our leaf products, and more new leaf types will be added to out product line. In addition, we make custom bookmarks, cards, artworks and more, all with leaves !
How to make skeleton leaves ? Probably you have read many articals about how to make skeleton leaves but still feel a little bit complicated to do by yourself, or you may don't know where to buy the materials. At Leaf Veins Crafts, we do in our very simple way to make it. Just follow the steps shown in the picture below, you can get your own skeleton leaf within one hour in you kitchen ! Click the picture to see detailed steps !

How to Make Sketon leaves ?

New Products:

Metallic colored Oak leaves

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Leaf Carving Art now available ! new.gif

Leaf Carving Art for sale

New skeleton Leaves 2016

Dried and Metallic Colored Oak Leaves new.gif
Metallic Oak Leaves for sale

Japanese Maple  Dried Leaves
Japanese Maple Leaves

Dried Silver Cloak Fern Leaves

Aleuritopteris Argentea Dried Leaves

Trileaf  dried leaves                     Click picture to know more
Trileaf dried leaves for sale

Oak Leaves Bleached and colored                            Click picture to know more
Oak Leaves For Sale

Maple Leaf Paintings & Pictures
Maple Leaf Paintings

Rare species of skeleton leaf                      Click picture to know more
Rare species of skeleton leaf

Money Tree Skeleton Leaves                         Click picture to know more
Money Tree Skeleton Leaves for sale

Dried Maple Leaves, Soft Maple Leaves ! Click picture to know more
Maple Leaf

Feather-like & Ficus microcarpa leaves   Click picture to know more

Bauhinia Blakeana Skeleton Leaves          Click picture to know more
Bauhinia Blakeana Skeleton Leaves

Butterfly Shaped Skeleton Leaves                 Click picture to know more
Butterfly shaped Skeleton Leaves WhiteButterfly shaped Skeleton Leaves RedButterfly shaped skeleton leaves GreenButterfly shaped Skeleton Leaves PurpleButterfly shaped Skeleton Leaves CoffeeButterfly shaped Skeleton Leaves Black

Ginkgo Leaves:  Dried, Softened           Click picture to know more
Ginkgo Leaves for sale

Elm Skeleton Leaves                             Click picture to know more
Elm Skeleton Leaves For Sale

Rubber Tree Skeleton Leaves                  Click picture to know more
Rubber Skeleton Leaves

Magnolia Skeleton Leaves                           Click picture to know more
Magnolia Skeleton Leaves for sale

Bodhi Skeleton Leaves                   Click picture to know more
Bodhi Skeleton Leaves for sale

Heart Shaped Skeleton Leaves            Click picture to know more
Heart Shaped Skeleton Leaves for sale

Ligustrum lucidum Skeleton Leaves              Click picture to know more
Kingkong Skeleton Leaves For Sale

Four Leaf Clover                      Click picture to know more
Four Leaf Clovers for sale

Leaf Bookmarks

Framed Leaves:�����
Framed Leaves

Leaf�Magnets:� Fridge magnets with skeleton leaves
Leaf Veins Fridge Magnet with Heart shaped leaf��Leaf Veins Fridge Magnet with Heart shaped leaf��Leaf Veins Fridge Magnet with Heart shaped leaf��Leaf Veins Fridge Magnet with Heart shaped leaf

Leaf�Cards: __ Add a touch of nature to your wedding invitations,baby card...
wedding card with heart-shaped leafNew born baby card with colored leaveswedding card with natural heart-shaped leaves

Photo on Leaf: __ Printable leaves, print your own photo on leaf.
Print photo on leaf
Photo on leaf

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        Skeleton Leaves Specialty
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                     Featured Products
Oak Leaves
Oak Leaves for sale
Rare species of skeleton leaf
Rare species of skeleton leaf
Maple Leaves          Money tree leaves
MapleLeavesMoney Tree Skeleton Leaves for sale
Feather like and Ficus Microcarpa skeleton leaves
 feather leaves     Ficus leaves
Apple Shaped Leaves
Bauhinia Blakeana Skeleton Leaves

Elm Skeleton Leaves
Elm Skeleton Leaves For Sale

Leaf Bookmarks                                          
Bookmark with colored skeleton leaf and tassel  Transparent bookmark with colored skeleton leaves
Bookmark with heart-shaped leaf and tassel   Transparent bookmark with heart-shaped leaf and tassel

Four Leaf  Clover Lucky Card/Gift Tag/Bookmark
Lucky Gift Tag Lucky Gift Tag
Bookmark with four-leaf clover
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